Thursday, May 25, 2006

Kurds & Formation of Central Government in Iran

Kurds & Formation of Central Government in Iran-Second Edition
Sam Ghandchi

Table of Contents

00. Preface
01. Mahd Dynasty to Arab Invasion
02. Arab Invasion to Moghol Invasion
03. Moghol Invasion to Downfall of Safavid Dynasty
04. Kurds in Modern Iran-Till Nader Shah
05. Kurds in Modern Iran-Nader Shah-Mashrootiat
06. Shi?a Clergy in Mashrootiat-A Brief Note
07. Kurds in Modern Iran-Mashrootiat-Reza Shah
08. Kurds in Modern Iran-Reza Shah-IRI
09. The Theory of Greater Kurdestan
10. Tribes and Tribalism
11. Final Word
Appendix 1-Kurdestan's Agriculture
Appendix 2-Komala and Kurdestan
Appendix 3-Does Federalism Allow States To Deny Human Rights
Appendix 4-Federalism is the Lesson of 21-Azar